PEACEIncorporated, has joined with the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, calling for a one day student strike in opposition to the United States and Allied Forces invasion of Iraq. PEACEIncorporated will help coordinate student actions on Junior and Senior High School campuses. Please visit our website to register your school.

Students and youths futures will be shaped by actions taken today. A U.S. attack on Iraq will inevitably:
Endanger the lives of US and Iraqi servicemen and women.
Increase the suffering of the Iraqi people while slaughtering thousands of innocent people.
Encourage terror attacks against the US around the world and at home.
Be used as an excuse to erode civil liberties.
Divert resources from education and social services in both countries.
Subvert historical precedent and international law.
Join us in a student strike March 5th to demand:

US Government:

End the drive for military action and economic sanctions that target the people of Iraq.
Fund education to ensure that everyone in the U.S. has access to higher education.
Re-allocate military funds to eliminating poverty and building peace and home and abroad.
Campus Administrators:

Declare opposition to the war.
Disclose and eliminate military research contracts.
Freeze or lower tuition and fees.
The war on Iraq is a venture for control of the region and its oil supplies, not national security, democracy, or human rights. Campuses provide implicit support for this through military research, recruiting, and ROTC programs.

As students who value freedom, democracy, and our education we say: THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE! The best way to improve our national security is to halt drives for illegal and immoral wars and redirect public funds from the military and arms trade to education and social services at home and humanitarian aid abroad.

Take a stand with students across the United States on March 5th, to build toward this collective vision. International youth and students are invited to strike in unity with students in the United States. Please visit the Youth Action section of our website to find out what you can do to help raise awareness of the responsibility we all share in making our world safer and more peaceful for everyone and help stop the United States and Allied Forces invasion of Iraq and register your school as a participant in the strike.

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